Great experience in sandcasted aluminium:

MT Jæger has more than 30 years of experience in sandcasted aluminium products to customers all over Europe.

We can offer:

MT Jæger can offer sandcasted aluminium from a few grams to 500 kg. We have a modern fully automated production of sandcasted aluminium.

  • HWS casting line for small and medium batches, in both aluminium and bronze
  • Disamatic 2110, that can produce small and large batches of sandcasted aluminiium and bronze.
    It makes parts with great precision and a very smooth surface. The surface has the same smoothness as gravity diecasted aluminium (aluminium made in a metal mould).
  • Furan/handmoulding line, where we can make large parts in aluminium and bronze.

We cover any need you might have, in your casting project.

We also sandcast artwork.

Over the last couple of years the foundry has been involved in several art projects:

We have casted 12 landscape sculptures for Hansted Vildtreservat in the northern part of Denmark, in cooperation with A. Abraham Architects and the architecht firm Rørbæk and Møller.

We have also worked with several Danish artists:

Ebbe Stub Wittrup “Quote from an unknown philosopher”

Marianne Seidenfaden “Okser” at the “Hærvejen” in Oksbøl Denmark.

Peter Olsen ”5 grif sculptures” at Rønnebæksholm Næstved.

Kristian Von Hornsleth ”lovebuster” miniatures in bronze.

Palle Lindau, small figurines in plaster casts.